Thursday, August 23, 2007

Diximeez Created

Now I have seen everything. I created a meez today. You can see her here. She is the Diximeez. It is cool you can create one too. Just put me in as a referral and we both get 5 coins. Go to

She is almost everything I like the butterflies, yoga, peace, meditation, serenity and harmony. I guess at my age I am having fun learning all the fun things that are here for us to learn and use. Life is meant to be enjoyed!! Hey I am having fun with all this. I haven't done all the things I need to do but that is ok too. They will be there when I am ready.
In my life I have been quite a Polly Anna. I have always turned a negative thing into a positive. There were times when I let it overwhelm me. I have always wanted happiness and joy in my life and I think everyone desires this. Now I feel more happy than I have before. Today is a great day. My daughter in-law said she was going to slowly go vegan. I'm excited for her and her family.
Abraham says we are always looking for more and we will never be satisfied. This is expansion of the universe. It is natural. I remember my dad used to tell me I got my wants and needs mixed up and I believed him. I lived my life wondering if sometlhing was a need or want. After hearing that from Abraham I now allow all my wants to come rushing to me. I am following my joy today. There is a large part of me that is dying today because I am letting those things that no longer serve me leave my soul. Thank you for serving me when I needed you now I want more joy, more happiness, more friendships, more love, more peace, more harmony, more life, more, more, more.......
Today I have joy, today I have peace, today i have love, today I am kind, today I share, today I will help others get what they want, today I get what I want. Joy, Peace & Harmony Forever.
Goddess Earth Mother

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My first entry

Today is the second day I have had my new iMac and I have created a blog page. I thought I would get with the system, up to date ya know? The reason I have the name I chose is because so many of my clients call me an earth mother and my husband thinks I am a goddess so........
I am feeling on the top of the world right now. I feel like everything I have evrr wanted is before me for the asking. My intent is to raise my vibration to accept it all. Universe, thank you, thank you. Joy, Peace & Harmony Forever.